Henry Walsh

Book 2:
Bloodline of the Fallen

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Wizards? Warriors? Adolescent Mystical Shinobi Kappa?  

The Golden Eagles' adventures  continue!

Six months have passed since William Carter and his friends retrieved the Sword of Hope. While searching for Kendra, sister of fallen David Conner, the Golden Eagles find themselves assigned to investigate a series of  missing artifacts. 

Their search takes them to Japan and go undercover at the mysterious Hidden Academy in search of answers.

Acclaim for BotF:

"They say it is fun to expose tropes. Well these tropes are naked and looking for painters" Elkator

Book I:
The Sword of 

“A marvelous debut novel from Henry Walsh, Chronicles of Elysia: The Sword of Hope is thrilling, surprising, and hilarious! Memorable characters, creative storytelling, and epic action will captivate you from the first page to the last!”

~A.R. Cook, author of The Scholar and the Sphinx


When average modern teenager William Carter woke up he thought it was just an average Saturday morning. Before he knew it, however, he found himself attacked then whisked off to the secret Castle Haven.

Learning he's descended from a line of adventurers, he will have to learn to master his new abilities and trust in his new friends, The Golden Eagles. It's the only way he can retrieve the magical sword to stop the Dark Lord from conquering the Earth.

Join Will, Hector, Amber, David, and Minako as they face deadly traps, tenacious monsters, and treacherous enemies on their cross-country trek to recover the Sword of Hope before all is lost in this epic adventure for all ages.

Acclaim for tSoH:

"I loved seeing transgender characters portrayed, which is what prompted me to read the book to begin with. Its a great LGBTQ friendly space. " 

" It's a story of knowing who you are, and learning what you are capable of, not the other way around. Swords, magic, subterfuge, it's got it all! It scratched so many itches I didn't realize I had within the genre. It's a delightful breath of fresh air in the onslaught of YA novels saturating the shelves."

"The D&D vibe will be a lot of fun to anyone who's ever played, and the world is well thought with how it relates to and interacts with the world of smart phones."

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